Hartnell/Carter Saga

December 24, 2009 Jake 0

The Philly Four posted a story on December 14th that has caused a lot of “ruckus” for all those involved. I’d like to point out […]

Tailgaters Beware

December 20, 2009 Jake 0

The Eagles have pushed back not only the start of the game, but the time the parking lots will open, normally they open at 9 […]

A 49er is Coming For Babin

December 17, 2009 Jake 0

Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Jason Babin arrived to his locker today only to find a print out picture of 49ers back-up tackle and guard Chris Patrick […]

Williams Returns to Practice

December 17, 2009 Jake 0

According to Kate Fagan’s Twitter page, 76ers guard, Lou Williams practiced Thursday for the first time since breaking his jaw Nov. 24. He had wires […]