Hartnell/Carter Saga

The Philly Four posted a story on December 14th that has caused a lot of “ruckus” for all those involved.

I’d like to point out a few things.

First off sorry to all involved. That being said, I did not make it up, I am not that smart.

2. This site was made for a class at school, it was not made to make a name for myself, I do not make money off the site nor do I intend to, the story I posted about Carter and Hartnell ironically was one of the last stories I posted, the semester was over and I really did not feel like dealing with the work required to run a blog at the time and as of now I still intend to discontiue the site when the fee I paid runs out.

3. It was a fluke thing that the story went around the internet, literally no one read my site, I mean look at it, its not that great who the hell comes here for philly sports news, its a school project. In no way did I even attempt to promote the article, I dont even belong to any hockey message boards.

4. I’d like to point out once again, I did not make the rumor up, and when I did originally post the article, in the very first sentence I included the words..bizarre rumor.. the article also included the phrase “possible affair” and the phrase “if it is true”

5. The Flyers called me, asked me to take it down, I did that.

So once again I would like to apologize to the Flyers, I honestly wanted no attention and didn’t expect to get any, no one read this site and I intended it to stay that way, I didn’t post the story thinking, what a great chance to make a name for myself..